Creating Messages


To create a message: 

  1. Click Send Text Message on the left navigation panel. The Send Text Message page appears.
  2. In the Select Groups section, select a group(s) to send the message to, if necessary. Click here for information on groups.
  3. To send the message to a single telephone number, enter a number in the Single Number field.
  4. Add To My Message: You can add your Username to your message by clicking Username. If you wish to add unsubscribe instructions, click Unsubscribe Info.
  5. Personalize My Message: If you wish to personalize your message with the recipients' first and/or last name, select with First Name or Last Name and hit Insert. This will include the first or last name associated with each phone number into your text message.
  6. Add Picture: You can send pictures by embedding a short URL link into your text message. Any recipients with a mobile web browser will be able to click the link and view your image. Likewise, you may view the image using a computer internet browser. Maximum file size is 700K. We will store your images in the image browser for future use.
  7. Enter a Subject for the message, if necessary.
  8. Enter a Message. The counter field contains the number of characters you have left. If you go over this counter limit, your message will be truncated. There is a 160 character limit for delivery (130 in Canada).
  9. To schedule the message to be sent at a future time, click Set Date & Time and select the date and time you want the message to be sent. You should confirm that your time zone is correct first. 
  10. Click Continue. The message preview appears. To edit the message, click Edit.
  11. To send the message, click Send/Schedule. A message appears with message status information.


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